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2. Return on investment, payback period and cost per kilowatt-hour.
3. Wind turbine power output profile including the zero-power output period.
4. Comparison with field data for a large wind turbine - the Vestas V80 2MW and V90 3MW turbines.
5. Smaller wind turbines -the Britwind (Evance) R9000, Skystream, Bergey Excel and Honeywell RT6000.
6. Comparison with field data for small wind turbines -the Skystream, Fortis Montana and the Turby VAWT.
7. Estimating mean wind speed.
8. The UK Wind Speed Database program.
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14. Wind turbine characteristics
15. Wind speed and power output statistics
16. Calculating the mean power
17. Maximum turbine efficiency - the Betz limit
18. Intermittency of wind power - page 1.
19. Intermittency of wind power - page 2.
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9. Links to wind turbine manufacturers.

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There are a very large number of sites dealing with wind turbines and wind power. In the present context, the sites of interest are those of manufacturers of wind turbines. These are the sources of basic data on wind turbines that are needed for the WindPower program. The list below contains only those manufacturers whose turbines are in our database. As turbines are added to the database so this list of manufacturers will expand.

Manufacturers of 'small' turbines - typically from 1 kilowatt to around 100 kilowatts.

Aeolos Wind Energy Ltd. (UK)
Aventa (Swiss)
Bergey Wind Power (USA)
C&F Green Energy (Ireland)
Eoltec (France)
Ergycon (Italy)
Evance (UK)
Joliet Wind Turbines (Spain/France)
Gaia-Wind (Denmark and UK)
Hummer Dynamo (China)
Kestrel Wind Turbines (South Africa)
Marlec Renewable Power (UK)
Northern Power (US)
Kingspanwind (formerly Proven) (UK)
QuietRevolution (UK - VAWT)
Temiskaming Independent Energy (Canada)
UseTheWind (UK)
West Wind Turbines (UK from Australia)
SouthWest Windpower (US)
Wind Energy Solutions BV (Holland)
Wind Spot turbines by SonkyoEnergy (Spain)
Xzeres Wind USA)

Manufacturers of large wind turbines - typically from 100 kilowatts to greater than a megawatt.

Enercon (Germany)
Gamesa (Spain)
General Electric (US)
Nordex (Germany)
Repower (Germany)
Siemens (Germany)
Suzlon (India)
Vergnet (France)
Vestas (Denmark)

Please let us know through our "Contact Us" Web page if there are other manufacturers and wind turbines that should be included in our database. There are some important omissions from the above list because the manufacturers concerned do not include power curve details of their wind turbines on their websites. These are:-
Alstom Ecotecnia
Acciona (Spain)
Mitsubishi Wind Turbines (Japan)

Next is the download Web page from which either a trial version of the program can be downloaded or the full version purchased and downloaded.

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