Using the program
1. Home Page of the WindPower program.
2. Return on investment, payback period and cost per kilowatt-hour.
3. Wind turbine power output profile including the zero-power output period.
4. Comparison with field data for a large wind turbine - the Vestas V80 2mW and V90 3mW turbines.
5. Smaller wind turbines -the Bergey Excel, Evance R9000, Proven 6, Skystream and Honeywell RT6000.
6. Estimating mean wind speed.
7. The UK Windspeed Database.
8. Links to manufacturers' websites.
9. Download page (see below).
PelaFlow Consulting
10. About the project and Pelaflow Consulting.
11. Contact us
Technical webpages
12. Wind turbine characteristics
13. Wind speed and power output statistics
14. Calculating the mean power
15. Maximum turbine efficiency - the Betz limit
16. Intermittency of wind power.
(1) Free WindPower trial program
(2) Buy full WindPower program
(3) Free turbine database
(4) Buy UK Wind Speed Database program


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